The 4 Un-Merriest Holiday Injuries A Retail Worker Should Avoid

The bright lights and glitter of the holidays can bring out the inner distracted klutz and the zoned out employee in all of us. Add to the festivities the hordes of sometimes frantic, sometimes temperamental holiday shoppers, and accidents of all sorts will happen. Retail workers should be on guard against sustaining the following 4 holiday workplace-related injuries:

1. Trick or Treat Forklift Face

There you are, confidently cruising your forklift down an empty store aisle, imagining what you’ll wear to the costume party on the weekend. The next thing you know, one of the forks has snagged one of those giant blow up pumpkin things. The deflating pumpkin knocks over a nearby display of greasy zombie makeup. Before you can say, “Holy Safety Skills!” to a Batman costume whizzing past your cheek, you and your forklift are skidding and your face hits a support pole. Ouch.

To avoid this injury, practice safe forklift operation by retracting forks when not in use, of course. In fact, never lose concentration when you’re handling equipment. Don’t let holiday fun make holiday trouble for your face.

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Toe

The only thing meaner than a frozen turkey being dropped on your big toe is the second frozen turkey dropped on the other big toe. Wear gloves when handling slippery items at work, and steel-toed boots aren’t a bad idea as long as turkeys are on everyone’s menu.

3. Black Friday Finger

Sometimes you have no control over the number of people who will line up to buy their kids the toy grocer bear who screams in pain every time he drops a little toy frozen turkey on his furry paw. You just never know what the kids will be into next.

But you do have control over Black Friday Finger. If you find it hard to bend your fingers, or pain shoots from your hand up to your shoulder, you may have a repetitive stress injury. This happens from too much time spent checking out customers, and not enough time stretching hands, arms and fingers on the job. If you work checkout during the holidays, rest your hands as often as you can, and try to cut down on using your hands at home until the holiday shopping frenzy is over.

4. Santa’s Back Syndrome

Picking up one too many boxes of goodies, or hefting one too many healthy kids up on his lap, often gives Santa a bear of a back ache. Avoid holiday strain and pain by practicing safe lifting techniques and by only moving what you can safety carry in one load.

No matter how carefully you do your job as a retail worker, workplace accidents or injuries can occur. Contact your workers’ compensation attorney today to file your claim for any retail injury or accident. Workers’ compensation will cover some of your expenses and your salary if you qualify. A workers’ compensation attorney like Shoap Law Offices will explain all of the details.

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