2 Things To Know About Settling Your Case

If you have been injured due to no fault of your own, you may be asked to settle your case. This is typically offered by the insurance company of the individual who caused the injury. It’s important to get the maximum of compensation possible, and this means knowing what to expect during this time. Being aware of certain things when it comes to settling your case will help you prepare in advance.

When Cases Settle

A settlement occurs when a person is willing to take a certain amount of money to end the dispute. This may be done before or after a lawsuit has been filed.

Listed below are times when a settlement is offered:

1. A settlement offer may avoid the injured party from filing a lawsuit and is done soon after the injury.

2. Even if the case has gone to trial, but the verdict hasn’t been entered, a settlement offer can be made.

3. In some cases, if a jury is in the process of deliberating a case, but no official verdict has been reached, a settlement offer can still be made.

Reasons to Settle

Being involved in a legal dispute can be overwhelming. This is one of the main reasons many cases settle before a legal action is filed.

Listed below are other reasons to settle:

1. The person who caused the injury can control how much money is paid and avoid risking the uncertainty of what a judge or jury will do.

2. Settling a case will keep it private and avoid public scrutiny by others if the case had gone to court.

3. Immediate results for both of the involved parties is another reason cases are settled. Trials go last for days or even weeks in some cases, and most people want to avoid this.

4. Settlement will allow both of the parties involved to be victorious. The plaintiff will receive compensation for the injury, and the defendant can avoid more expenses that occur due to legal fees.

Finally, if you have been injured and want to avoid the expense of civil litigation, consider the many advantages of settling your case. Be sure to consult with your personal injury attorney who can legally guide you through this process for your best financial results. Once an amount of money is decided on by both parties, it must be adhered to, and typically can’t be altered.


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