6 Signs That Prove Your Dog Could Be Dangerous

If you have a dog that runs freely in the yard, you want to be sure this animal hasn’t previously displayed violent behavior. If so, this could be used against you in a court of law if your pet bites a person who comes onto your property and suffers a serious injury. By knowing how the court decides if your pet is dangerous or not, this can help you watch out for this behavior in your dog.

Bites in the Past

A dog that has bitten people previously should be monitored when others approach your property. You will likely be liable if your dog bites another person because of the biting history your dog has. Additionally, consider keeping the animal confined when visitors enter onto your property to avoid the possibility of another biting incident.

Barking at People or Threatening

Just because your dog barks when others come onto your property, this is not typically used against you in a court of law. It’s difficult to prove the dog exhibited any violent behavior just because the animal barks when strangers are nearby.

A dog that is consistently growling every time a person walks by could be considered as being dangerous. The owner should consider keeping this pet at home and put up when visitors show up at the door.

Jumping on People

If you have a friendly dog, you may want to contain this dog when others come around your home.  A large dog that likes to jump on others could cause a serious injury to occur, and this could result in you, the owner, being completely liable.

Complaints from Others

One sure way to get in trouble in court if your dog bites another person is when others complain about the behavior of your pet. People who have witnessed first-hand the violent actions of this animal will be able to have a great deal of weight in the courtroom.

Trained Dogs

A dog that has been entered into fighting competitions and has been trained to fight are a potential danger to others. If this dog bites another person, it is highly possible that you may be liable for the injuries that occur to this individual.

Finally, dog bites can be serious for the owner and the person who is bitten. If another individual sues you, it’s important to rely on the expertise of a personal injury attorneys to represent you and defend your case.

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