How An Advance Medical Directive Is Beneficial In An Estate Plan

Did you know that you can legally prepare for death to make sure your medical needs are met? A lawyer can draft up an advance medical directive to help you legally give someone the right to make medical decisions on your behalf if you fall ill. Below, you will discover how having an advance medical directive in an estate plan is beneficial and when it can be contested.

How Is an Advance Medical Directive Beneficial in an Estate Plan?

You never know what may happen when you are on your death bed, which is something that everyone must experience in life. The most important benefit of an advance medical directive is to know that you will be in good hands if you get to the point that you are unable to function fully. Your legal appointee for your medical needs will be able to carry out the medical desires that you listed in the estate plan, such as what to do if you are on life support.

The decision of which physician will treat you can also be made by your appointee. He or she can be anyone that you trust, whether it is a friend or family member. The great thing is that you can change who the appointee is, but it will be hard for anyone else to contest the estate plan.

When Can an Estate Plan Be Contested?

Your advance medical directive will not be changed if you fall ill, as it is a legally binding document. If someone wants to contest the estate plan, a large amount of evidence as to why it should be changed must be provided in court. One reason for the plan to be contested is if your legal appointee is not putting your best interest at heart for your medical care.

The lawyer that drafts up the estate plan, like from Gearing, Rackner, Engel & McGrath, LLP, can continue legally representing you if it is contested. However, sometimes it is necessary for a new appointee to be chosen when neglect is an issue. Only the judge will decide if your estate plan should be changed or not, so don’t worry because your desires will be considered before it is done.

Things usually turn out better when there is a plan in place, and the same thing goes for death. Hire a lawyer to help you with an estate plan that covers all of your medical needs in case you can’t take care of yourself in the future!  

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