Two Factors To Consider When Planning Your Will

Death is a very emotionally painful part of life, but it can also be a logistical nightmare. Many people do not have a will filed with the courts, and this can make it difficult to oversee their final affairs. While hiring an estate planning attorney like Donald B Linsky & Associate Pa can help reduce the difficulty of this work, there are a couple of issues that you should not overlook during this process. 

Plan For Pet Care

Your pets have likely been faithful companions during your life, but many people do not make formal plans for their care after they pass. As a result, it is possible for your pet to be put in the pound or turned into a stray. Not surprisingly, this is something that most people do not want for their beloved furry friend. 

Luckily, you can prevent this outcome by including your pet in the will. By making arrangements with family members or friends and formalizing this agreement in your will, you can ensure that your pet will be well taken care of after you have passed. Be sure to put a lot of thought into this decision. You do not want to leave your furry friend with someone that will not have the time or ability to care for your animal, and this can lower the quality of life of both your friend and your pet. 

Provide Control To Your Digital Properties

The internet has dramatically changed modern life, and it is likely that you have a range of digital properties under your control. Whether they are websites or social media profiles, you should make arrangements for control of them to pass to someone you trust after you die. Otherwise, it may be possible for spammers and hackers to take over these accounts. 

If you are leaving a website that generates revenue to someone , you should provide them with a detailed account of managing the site. This will help ensure that your website continues to be profitable, and that your hard work does not simply vanish when it comes time to pay the hosting dues. 

Planning for your passing can be a seemingly overwhelming task because there are many different arrangements that must be made. In addition to settling your final expenses and distributing your liquid assets, it is important to consider the other areas of your life. By including your pets in your will, you can ensure they are kept healthy and happy. Also, providing control of your online life can help keep your web properties safe from malicious attacks. 

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