Discover The Benefits Of Mediation In Your No Fault Divorce

Are you planning to file for a no fault divorce? If so, you may be under the impression that these simplified divorce proceedings will not require the services of a divorce lawyer. If this is the case, you should know that it is still quite possible for you to benefit from these legal services. In fact, turning to the mediation services of a divorce lawyer may just prove to be the most beneficial decision you can make when filing for a no fault or uncontested divorce.

Limit Your Need To Appear In Court

One of the primary reasons many people choose to file a simplified divorce petition is to avoid the complexities of appearing in court on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, these intentions do not always translate to reality if both spouses are unable to agree on key issues, such as property division and child custody.

Choosing to take advantage of divorce mediation services will allow you to minimize the amount of time you spend in court by helping you and your spouse to settle on the terms of your divorce settlement without the need for court intervention. In the end, not only will this benefit help to keep you out of court on a regular basis, but it can also help to ensure that both you and your spouse are able to receive the most favorable settlement terms possible.

Save On Your Legal Fees

Divorce lawyers typically charge different fees depending the type of services they will be required to perform. For instance, while you may pay a fairly reasonable rate for document preparation or mediation services, you will likely pay a much higher rate for court appearances. Since choosing to use mediation services can help to keep you out of court, they will often result in the ability to minimize your legal fees as well. This is especially important for individuals who may be required to cover the cost of both their legal fees, and their spouse’s legal fees as part of their divorce settlement.

A Final Thought

While you and your spouse may agree on the need for a divorce, you may find that you disagree on the terms of your divorce. After all, if you were able to agree on everything, there is a good chance that you wouldn’t be filing a divorce petition in the first place. The good news is, this disagreement does not need to end in a long, expensive court battle. Instead, by using the divorce mediation services of an attorney, you may be able to settle on favorable terms without the need for court intervention, and ultimately enjoy all of the benefits that a no fault divorce was intended to provide.

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