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What Happens To Your Investment In A Business When The Business Files For Bankruptcy Protection?

From the Enron scandal in the early 2000s to the recent folding of GT Advanced Technologies, when a business goes bankrupt, this can have an enormous ripple effect on those who purchased the business’s stock. Nothing can render a stock price more volatile than a hint of financial instability — and filing for Chapter 11 […]

Semi-Truck Accident Numbers Continue To Soar

Truck accidents, like other auto accidents, happen every day all across the United States. However, they are unlike other auto accidents in the fact that they involve much larger and ultimately, much more dangerous vehicles. Semi-truck accidents can cause a great deal of turmoil for all parties involved, and often end up injuring thousands of […]

5 Things To Include In A Demand Letter To An Insurance Company

A settlement demand letter is generally the first step in negotiation a personal injury claim after a car wreck or other type of injury-causing accident. This letter is sent to the other person’s insurance company and should be as convincing as possible. The insurance company will usually make a counteroffer after receiving the demand letter, […]