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Tips On Enforcing A Custody Order

If you are the non-custodial parent of your children, you may find yourself caught up in an argument with your ex about whether or not you should have visitation. Fortunately, when a judge makes an order about child custody, the order is enforceable by the law. Unfortunately, even with a court order you may still […]

Distracted Driving – How It Can Hurt You

Most people are aware that driving while distracted is a very bad idea. When you think about distracted driving, you most likely think about the dangers of driving while texting. Some states have even made it against the law to text and drive. There are a lot of other distractions that, when paired with being […]

3 Mistakes You Can Make When Applying For SSDI

The process of applying to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits can be confusing, exhausting and ultimately frustrating. There are endless forms that have to be filled out, interviews that must be conducted, tiny details that will be reviewed and a mountain of medical records that have to be turned in. Combined with the […]

The Importance Of Pursuing A Sexual Abuse Case

Standing up to a perpetrator of sexual abuse can be difficult, especially if the incident in question occurred some time ago. Since feelings of grief, fear, and even embarrassment can accompany the victim when they attempt to address the situation legally, some individuals unfortunately choose to avoid the situation altogether–never pursuing a legal case against […]